Puppy Preview #1

On July 6th we bring home our dog.  Finnegin is the name we decided on.  I’m excited and nervous.  There’s a lot of work we need to do around the house to get things ready.  Our family always kept cats.  Or we did until 2012, when our old cat died.  My oldest son was allergic to her, but by the time we figured that out, she was so old we didn’t want her to  have to deal with the stress of relocation, so he just learned to live with it.  Four years without an animal in the house seems like too long.

My sister and brother in law adopted a puppy from the same litter.  They brought her home last week.  Not being experienced dog owners, my wife and I opted to have the breeder start our puppy’s training.  I’m kind of glad we made that choice seeing how much work there is with having a very very young dog who has never slept away from its mother before.

My first job of the summer is to repair the fence in our yard, which got smashed by a falling tree branch a year or so ago.  I could have done this last summer, but the boys next door play a lot of soccer in their back yard, and given the number of times they were having to jump the fence to get the ball, it seemed easier to leave it down.  Plus, there were so many good books to read, that just seemed like a more summer-ish way to spend time.  Easier for me, easier for the kids next door.  It was a win-win.  Now though I think it will be easier to have a solid fence for the dog.

I see a lot of next year’s AP students have started those blogs.  I’m just starting to get to the posts that have gone up this past week.  I hope this summer to keep reposting favorites here.  When you see them, if there’s something you like, follow it.  A lot of you have a lot of cool stuff going on.

Keep posting!



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