6 Reasons Why Photography is Important

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1. It lets you tell a story

Whether it is a true story or one left to the imagination, the full story or just a sliver of it, photographs provide a great medium for storytelling.


2. It freezes time

Time is a slippery thing, never staying in one place too long; sometimes you can catch up to it for a moment, but you can never capture it. Except, that is, in a photograph.


3. It gives you a new perspective

Taking photographs lets you see things in a new light, as if from different eyes.


4. You become the artist

Sure, you need a scene to photograph, but you create that scene. A tree can be bland and boring from the wrong angle, but from the right one, it is a thing of beauty.


5. It expresses emotions

Whether your own or someone else’s, photographs share people’s feelings.


6. It makes you…

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