July 3rd Poem

To paraphrase a lot of different writers, one of the tricks to writing every day is that you  have to write even when you don’t know what to write about.  The past week and a half has been my travel time for the summer.  I’m just catching up on reading all the posts people have been working on, and I’ll probably start re-posting soon so that those of you who are following me but not each other can read the things your classmates are writing.  My goal for this summer was to write a poem a day, which was an idea I got from a friend who did it for national poetry month.  I’ve been keeping up, as long as you don’t count quality.  I don’t.  If anyone needs something to play around with, this is something I started  on July 3rd.  I see it as the end of a longer poem, but I don’t know where to start.  I want it to have two more stanzas, each with six lines.  I would put them before this, but if you wanted to bother to finish it, you could put them anywhere, so this could be either the beginning, the end, or the middle stanza.

Any of you who choose to take this on will have my undying respect and appreciation when school starts in the fall.  If more than one of you does it, my favorite wins a cookie or something once we’re back in school.

The sky is white and still

water droplets cling to the empty bird feeder

falling each time the sprinkler makes another pass

the insistent cardinal calls from beyond the hedge

and I with so much to look forward to

cannot decide what I might think about.





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