Opening Day

Although ultimately excellence might be defined has having skills no one else has, I think most people are capable of doing amazing things as long as they possess the one skill of knowing when to do what needs to be done.  No one on this team has any set of amazing skills, but in my opinion this is worth watching again and again.  Each of these guys does exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.  This isn’t about soccer, it’s a writing lesson.  Think about it as we head into the year.   What are the skills you possess as a writer?  How do you know when to use them?



A Birthday Poem for Owen Turning 18

Of her teenage days without a home

the woman says, “But there were parts

I wished would last forever.  The mountains

as the sun rose, watching from inside

a moving boxcar.”


For me, it was the water

in the marl spring, that bubbled

up out of the clay within dim

shadows of the cedars

too clear to see until we bent

our faces down to drink before

we headed back to camp

on one October night.


Most people if they’re lucky

see a landscape they remember

for the moment that it made the world

seem real, a place

that they would never want to leave.


The really lucky people, I believe,

are those who find a way to

see that landscape everywhere

in each new moment of their lives.