The Art of Photography

To me the images developed in the anecdotes both create powerful appeals to emotion, but also support the line of reasoning. Photography after all is about images.

Lindsey's Blog

I can see the sun breaking through the trees, catching my attention, pulling me outside. The ground feels wet, and when I hit the rock path I am suddenly aware of my bare feet stinging, but easy to ignore. I can feel the strong winds, blowing my hair into a tangled mess of knots. I can sense the water poking my toes, and rushing back to the safety of the harbor. I can hear the buoy in the distance, ringing and ringing, reminding me of the vast world beyond my sight. The lighthouse light flashes a bright green, daring to distract me from the sunset before my eyes. I am alone, seeing that no one else bothered to come down to the water’s edge, where the waves are more friendly, saying a quick hello as they introduce you to the chilling temperature of Lake Superior. It feels as if I…

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