An Invitation — Please Respond

My students and I were inspired by KQED’s Do Now project to create sites that invite conversations on topics that matter to them.  We understand that these topics connect to a variety of issues in communities today, and we want these sites to provide space for students at Royal Oak High School – or anywhere else – to share their perspectives and discuss their ideas about these issues in a civic-minded manner as a way of moving our communities forward through the challenges we face.

How can you use these sites?

Visit them.  If you see one that sparks your interest or that you feel strongly about, read about the issue.  Take a look at the hashtag for the site on Twitter, or read the comment thread, or both, and see what others have said about the topic.  Then add your voice to the conversation.

Here are a few to get you started.  More on the way soon. — About changes to education policies under President Trump. — About testing of products on animals. — About activism and social media. — About social media and body image. — Fun with memes. — Pressures of recreational activity on nature. — About sign language and culture.


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