It began as a color, like

the unicorn, almost too beloved to be a part

Of anything the world might have

To offer. In daylight, starlight, in

The rain or total darkness it would race

Among the trees, across the dancing

Tall grass, twinkle on the surface of the water, and no living creature, no sighted

Creature was immune from being struck with awe.

Some say the world

Was a better place then. Silence

Was everywhere and every living

Creature, seeing creature, knew and

Recognized its beauty.

Look at how things are today.

Machines at all times everywhere

And not just in the cities, under ground and

In the sky and under water

Making sounds nobody can escape.

Some wonder why the change?

Nobody knows for sure. After

It happened there was nothing

Anyone could ask and get an answer.

They say though that silence at the

Time was tired of being seen, that it

Decided that it wanted its voice

Heard as well.

That’s how it goes, and this

Is what we have today.

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